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  Photo Album
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A bizarre ritual involving Steve Knightley, Martyn Joseph, a can of Virgin Cola, a wineglass full of Jack Daniels, two dozen KitKats and a small toy ferret is captured on camera by Tom Robinson


The intrepid FF&A road crew and inhouse CD sales team of Will Thomas and Jon Curtis get ready to stand in at Hoxne and play the entire gig on their own in case the band don't make it back to the venue in time. (Pic: RP)

  3am after Hoxne: hard-living party animal Martyn Joseph in a characteristic frenzy of nervous activity back at the home of FFA friends, mentors and gig promoters, Lin and Richard Patterson.(Pic: RP)
  Elsewhere in the kitchen, Steve fidgets nervously at the table waiting for his turn as Tom finishes downloading his daily mountain of email . (Pic: RP)
  Greenbelt 2000 at Cheltenham Racecourse - where it all began: an impromptu onstage jam with Martyn & Tom joined by Steve after meeting up in the betting-office-cum-dressing-room backstage a few hours earlier.