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  Martyn Joseph

click for Martyn's web siteAfter ploughing an independent route in the eighties, MARTYN JOSEPH was snapped up by SONY MUSIC in the early nineties and had a string of top forty hits in the U.K. Touring as special guest for the likes of CELINE DION and ART GARFUNKEL pushed him in front of a wider audience and it began to happen. For a moment there he might have been a popstar, certainly a protest-singer, a balladeer now and then, a Celtic rock star before they were in vogue, a folk troubadour and then just Martyn Joseph; darkness on the edge of Cardiff. Impossible to pigeonhole and with an appeal that bridges age and culture he now records on his own label, remaining (in the words of Mojo magazine) "An artist of enduring worth".

Martyn's web site