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Lead vocals, backing instruments and songwriting duties are shared equally between all members of the group. The stage show and album are both acoustic (without drums, keyboards or sequencer) and feature a variety of instruments played by Steve, Tom & Martyn: acoustic guitars and bass, cello mandolin, accordion and cuatro - a small South American instrument that resembles a ukelele.

The album was recorded in Exeter during December 2001 by ace engineer Mick Dolan who also did the mixing - overall producer of the project is Steve Knightley.

Each member of the group chose a favourite song by each of the other two to sing - tracks that they considered best illustrated the strengths of the others' writing. They also each chose one song that had inspired them in the past - plus one song representing their own current repertoire:

  1. Thin Green line (sung by Tom)
  2. I’ve got faith in you (sung by Steve)
  3. Wake me up (sung by Martyn)
  4. Killing fields (sung by Tom)
  5. You tattoed me (sung by Steve)
  6. Strange way (sung by Martyn)
  7. Cold heart of England (sung by Tom)
  8. I will follow (sung by Steve)
  9. The flood (sung by Martyn)
  10. Please Sir (sung by Tom)
  11. Are we alright (sung by Steve)
  12. War Baby (sung by Martyn & Steve)

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